Canadian Volunteer Fire Services Association (CVFSA) Conference 2019

August 16th & 17th, 2019, Kings County, Nova Scotia

Saturday agm KeyNote Speaker

Fire Chief Brian Starkell

Nipawin Fire Department, SK

The Humboldt Bus Tragedy

In this Keynote we will cover the sequence of events related to the motor vehicle collision that claimed the lives of 16 members of the Humboldt Broncos hockey team. As presented by a Fire Chief whose department responded to the disastrous scene. <Read More>

Bios & Synopsis' for Friday's Presenters & Sessions

Firefighter Peter Simpson

Dayspring and District Fire Department, NS

From Hardhat to Fire Helmet: The Sprinkler Connection

In this Session Peter will share how his position on installing automatic fire sprinkler systems in new homes has been influenced greatly by his hands-on involvement with the fire service. <Read More>

Assistant Chief Adam Feck

Manlius Fire Department, NY / IamResponding

Responder Software in the Fire Service

Responder Software has gained popularity in the fire service with several options available to Fire and Emergency Services agencies worldwide. In this presentation we will discuss The Operational, Tactical and Department Management Implications. <Read More>

Deputy Chief Wayne Jasper

Anarchist Mountain Fire Department

Emergency Responder Mental health

This Presentation we will go over Firefighter Mental Health and Well-being ranging from basic awareness about PTSD to developing preventive measures and Traumatic Incident Response Tracking, and Building Resilience <Read More>

Jason Defosse

Quinte West Fire Department, ON / Code 4 Fire & Rescue

New vehicle Technology & Rapid Extrication

Firefighters will be challenged to create a plan with the clock running, perform fast , safe rescue. The following scenarios are- multi vehicle accidents, roll over pin jobs, and T-Bone & head-on impacts. <Read More>

Michael Davis

Fire Captain/Paramedic, City of Tulare Fire Department, CA

Modern Fire Behavior: Flow Path Control and Tactical Ventilation

The goal of this class is to bring firefighters of all experience and education levels the most critical evidence-based updates on the fire behavior that can be expected on the modern fireground with an emphasis on how firefighters can create or mitigate hostile fire events through their own actions. <Read More>

Capt. George Kharma

Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency, NS

Drone use for Public Safety Agencies

Drone use for Public Safety Agencies Drones have quickly become a very common situational awareness tool by many public safety agencies. Police, Fire, and SAR teams all can benefit from the rapid deployment of drones. <Read More>

Chief Conrad Landry, MBA

Moncton Fire Department, NB

Leadership has no Ranks & Scene Command Made Easy

Leadership has no Ranks is an interactive presentation on today’s leaders in the fire leadership & Scene Command Made Easy is based on Chief Landry’s personal experience commanding emergency scenes. <Read More>

Chief John McDermott

Big Lakes County Fire Services, AB

Fire Scene Preservation & Investigation Basics

Aside from situational awareness, on-going hazard assessments and tactical priorities, what should you be aware of while fighting a fire? In this program firefighters will view burned compartments from Fire Investigator’s perspective and how even the most junior firefighter on your crew can assist in the investigation. <Read More>

Jason Decremer, PhD,

Director of Certification for the Connecticut Commission on Fire Prevention and Control

Recruiting for the Long Term: Public Service Motivation and Why It's Necessary

Numbers of volunteer fire fighters continue to get smaller, at an alarming rate. This course is a dynamic discussion on using non-traditional recruitment and retention (R&R) methods to maximize membership in volunteer fire departments. <Read More>

Daryl D. Black

Author, Speaker, Facilitator

Fundamentals of Crisis Leadership

In this session Daryl discusses the basics of leading others in a high stress and high risk environment. He will cover what leadership really is, how to transition from a follower to leader and how to manage your stress and that of your team. <Read More>

Jamie Coutts

Fire Chief, Lesser Slave Regional Fire Service

Fighting the Interface Fire

In this Session Jamie will share his experiences & take aways from being in in a Leadership role during the May of 2011 Flattop Complex Fire that burned down 40 % of the Town of Slave Lake, and over 50 homes over 45 kilometers in the MD of Lesser Slave River, and the Sawridge First Nation Reserve. <Read More>

Ben Vanderzwaag

General Manager, Sea Hawk Specialized Truck Service

Spec'ing a Fire Apparatus for your Department

In this presentation, Ben will give an overview of what it looks like to purchase an Apparatus in today's Fire Service. From the initial Fire Dept round table discussion to the Fire Apparatus Delivery Day and every step in between. <Read More>